President Putin’s cabinet seems to be pointing the finger at Saudi Arabia for the Volvograd attacks.

On December 29th, a kamikaze Muslim woman, identified as Oksana Aslanova, blew herself up in the Volvograd train station, killing 18 people. The following day, another kamikaze blew himself up in a trolleybus, killing 17 people.

President Putin called on the victims’ families to offer his condolences, and visit the wounded at the hospital. He emphasized that foreign sponsors may have been behind this action. Over 700 people have been questioned by the police, mainly illegal immigrants, during the security checks that followed the attacks.

On 31 July 2013, the chief of Saudi secret services, Prince Bandar, had been received in Moscow by president Vladimir Putin. During the meeting, he purportedly declared himself unable to restrain any terrorist attacks by Caucus Islamists if Russia does not stop supporting Syria. A second meeting took place on December 3rd.

Shortly before the first meeting, the Caucus emirate, Dokou Oumarov, had publicly called for attacks to be staged during the Sochi Olympics. Furthermore, in June, Oumarov—who had kept away from the international jihad scene for some time—called for battle in Syria (at the side of Prince Bandar’s men) in order to acquire the necessary expertise to ’’liberate the Caucus’’.

Alizée Ville