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FBI becomes political police force


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), whose primary function until now was to enforce the law, namely to fight against crime, has officially changed. Its purpose is now to guarantee the national security of the United States.

Initially created to investigate on interstate commerce disputes within the country, during the inter-war period, the FBI morphed into a high-level governmental agency serving as a scientific criminial investigative body, a counterintelligence service, and a political police tasked with preemptively investigating the political beliefs of citizens.

Since the adoption of the USA Patriot Act (2001), the FBI’s principal activity is that of a political police: collecting information, tracking and keeping files on citizens. The Agency notably has the legal power to constrain any individual or entity to provide information on any third party, without their knowing, and with no judicial review. Boasting the shift, the FBI has just modified its fact sheet.

Alizée Ville

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