The Secretary General of the United-Nations, Ban Ki-moon, has been provided by Washington with a special adviser to help him find a solution to the Mujahedin problem: Jane Holl Lute, who served until recently as the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. She will be working in collaboration with Jonathan Winer at the State Department.

Mrs. Lute is the wife of General Douglas Edward Lute, the current United States Permanent Representative on the Council of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, after having occupied a senior advisory position responsible for overseeing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The People’s Mujahedin of Iran is a military sect of Marxist inspiration, which took part in the overthrow of the Sha of Iran, before turning against the Islamic Revolution. Established in Iraq during the war of aggression on Iran, the Mujahedin became henchmen for the regime of Saddam Hussein. They claim to have killed many thousands of people inside Iran. At loggerheads with the current Iraqi regime, they are looking to relocate their military unit.

300 of them have been transferred to Albania, but more than 3000 are still left in Iraq.

The Obama administration has removed the Mujahedin from its list of terrorist organizations. They have opened an office close to the White House, and have recruited several high-level lobbyists, including the former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge.

Alizée Ville