As the countries militarily engaged in the war on Syria are pulling out one by one leaving the United States and Russia facing each other, several publications are puzzling over the plans to partition the country.

 In The Impossible partition of Syria, Mustafa Khalifa - writing for the Arab Reform Initiative - expounds the ethno-religious divisions besetting the country and the impossibility, due to the mix of populations, of transplanting them geographically. Furthermore, he points out that the plans in question are not economically viable across the board at the same time.

This clearly documented work - despite the fact that it attributes the partition plans to a NATO propaganda framework - has been funded by the State Department. It ought to serve the United States to reject this option at the Geneva 2 Conference.

 In Partitioning Syria, Gary Gambill sets out the Israeli viewpoint for the benefit of the Foreign Policy Research Institute. According to him, while the population distribution currently stands in the way of a partition, the latter could contribute towards consolidating peace. Indeed, each side would get its victory. The displacement of the population remains to be dealt with, a minor detail which does not seem to ruffle the author.

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