Libyan nationalist forces regained control of several cities, especially in the sourthern part of the country.

Multiple anti-NATO demonstrations have been reported in the last three days.

The green flag is floating again Ajdabiya, Marsa el-Brega, the port of Ra’s Lanuf, Sabah, Suluq and even Tobruk.

The General National Congress, imposed by NATO—but partly made up of former Gaddafists, some of whom have remained secretly loyal—declared a state of emergency in the entire country.

There has never been a "revolution" in Libya, but a covert NATO operation to instigate the secession of Benghazi, using Al-Qaeda to overthrow the central government. Ultimately, NATO bombed Tripoli and murdered Muammar al-Gaddafi. The foreign "humanitarian" intervention resulted in the death of 160 000 people and forced the two-thirds of the population into exile.

Alizée Ville