On the occasion of the coup in Ukraine, we have learned that several associations of the pro-US opposition were co-financed by the State Department and the Franco-Iranian-American billionaire Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay .

Mr. Omidyar has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars into New Citizen, Chesno, AU Center and Stop Censorship .

At the same time, however, on 19 December 2013 Pierre Omidyar announced he was providing $ 50 million to Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill and Laura Poitras enabling them to create a new media to expose the continuing population surveillance by the U.S. government and to do justice to the full scope of Edward Snowden’s documents.

On The Intercept website, which foreshadows the media in the offing, Glenn Greenwald insists that Mr. Omidyar is not in a position to control what he publishes. Be that as it may, the billionaire’s burst of generosity would suggest that the State Department was thereby hoping to keep the pesky journalists in check.

Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show”, by Mark Ames, Pando, 28 February 2014.