The U.S. State Department has drawn up and circulated a rationale challenging Russia’s position in Ukraine following the 12 April rebellion which saw pro-Russian para-military insurgents seize government buildings in the eastern part of the country [1].

This is the second time since the beginning of the crisis that the State Department has provided the mass media with anti-Russian arguments [2].

While Washington may have grounds to denounce the oversight of the pro-Russian forces by Russian agents, the rest of her arguments aim to generate the belief that there are no Nazis in the Ukrainian government [3] and that Nazi organizations do not rule the streets in of Kiev [4].

By Sunday evening and Monday morning, the mainstream media of NATO member countries were faithfully parroting the arguments of the State Department, no questions asked.

[3Who are the Nazis in the Ukrainian government?”, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 3 March 2014.

[4Press Kit on Human Rights in Ukraine”, Oriental Review, Voltaire Network, 12 April 2014.