Libyan Parliament, whose term expired on 7 February 2014, has nevertheless convened on May 4 to elect a new prime minister following the resignation of Abdullah Al-Theni.

The General National Congress failed to obtain the required 120 votes on any one name.

Ahmed Miitig (photo), an Islamist businessman from the Misrata clan, had the backing of the Islamist parties, in particular Al-Watan (which includes Al-Qaeda leaders). They flouted the secret ballot and forced other members to vote by show of hands. But in vain.

One hour after the television broadcast, a new chairperson announced that Miitig Ahmed had won 121 votes.

Opponents of Mr. Miitig complained that the session was closed, many members had already left and challenged the counting. They declared the election null and void and urged the transitional Prime Minister to continue his work.