An accident, sometimes, permits the discovery of a "secret war". This is
what happened in Yemen, where, at Sana, a member of U.S. Special Forces and
CIA shot two men and killed them. According to the official version, these
were simply two Al Qaeda terrorists they wanted to remove. The incident, far
from simple, sparked a wave of protests against the government, already
under indictment because it allows CIA drones to operate in Yemen starting
from a Saudi base.

The Pentagon ­ confirms the New York Times - has intensified the actions of
its special forces in Yemen. Yemen is a country of great importance for its
strategic position on the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb between the Indian Ocean
and the Red Sea, crossed by major oil and trade routes linking Asia and
Europe. Djibouti, in front of Yemen, 30 kms away on the African coast, is
where Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa is parked, consisting of
approximately 4,000 men of the U.S. Special Forces. With helicopters and
special aircraft, they carry out night raids, particularly in neighboring
Somalia and Yemen, flanked by elite contractors and technical experts of the
assassination shooter category. Special forces available to the Africa
Command (AFRICOM) operate in Nigeria and many other African countries. They
are part of joint operations Command (USSOCOM ), which, after being used by
the Republican Bush especially in Afghanistan and Iraq, has now taken on a
new importance with the Democratic Obama.

In this cult book, Admiral McRaven describes the wildest commando operations in history, up to the fake killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

The Obama administration - wrote the Washington Post - "prefers covert action rather than the use of conventional force." USSOCOM commander, Admiral William McRaven, declared a month agot to a Senate committee that U.S. special operations forces operate in 78 countries worldwide, either by direct action or by training local units.

The admiral did not specify which countries, indicating only that in
Afghanistan was established a new Special Forces Command, also including
those of NATO. So Washington’s war in Afghanistan has not stopped, but has
become "covert".

Other official sources confirm that special forces were deployed in Jordan
and Turkey to train and lead armed groups for the "secret war" in Syria (as
had been done in Libya).

Special Forces are increasingly used in Eastern Europe. Especially to train
the neo-Nazis used during the coup in Kiev, as confirmed by photographic
documentation that shows Ukrainian neo- Nazis from Uno-Unso trained in
Estonia starting in 2006. [1]

But USSOCOM looks beyond : in its "Vision 2020", it foresees "building a
global network of special operations forces ," including those of allied
countries, including Italy, placed under U.S. command. In this way, the
decision to go to war becomes the more exclusive domain of power cliques,
and parliaments lose the little decision-making power they have left. And
war will disappear more and more in the eyes of public opinion, already
widely accustomed to believing that what we see is all there is, or rather,
what we are seeing in the mainstream media distorting and falsifying

So it is with the campaign by the White House for the release of abducted
young Nigerian girls while in Yemen, controlled by U.S. special forces,
thousands of girl children and young girls from Africa are reduced each year
to the state of sex slaves for wealthy Yemenis and Saudis, allies of

Roger Lagassé
Il Manifesto (Italy)

titre documents joints

SOF Vision 2020 (1997)
(PDF - 5 MiB)

[1Maidan activists trained by NATO in 2006”, Translation Alizée Ville, Voltaire Network, 7 February 2014.