The Saeima (Latvian Parliament) adopted 16 May 2014 fifteen amendments to the Criminal Code. One of them criminalizes the "denial, justification and trivializing of the aggression of the USSR and Nazi Germany against the Republic of Latvia." Offenders could face up to three years in prison.

At the beginning of the Second World War, Moscow and Berlin signed a non-aggression pace with the secret clauses which provided for the division of Central Europe. Thus the USSR incorporated Latvia, among others states, into its sphere of influence. However, as Paris fell into the hands of the Reich, a huge confusion reigned in Riga. Moscow demanded that the government protect the Russian population and stop persecuting Communist Party. Riga allowed the Red Army to enter its territory for this purpose, which it did, propelling the Communists to power, and annexing the country.

The formulation of the Latvian law places Nazi Germany and the USSR, who fought against it, on an equal footing.