While the images of the civilians killed or injured on 2 June 2014 during an airstrike against the Lugansk regional administrative headquarters had already surfaced on the internet, the Kiev regime was obstinately denying having conducted such an operation.

According to various sources, the air strikes left 8 civilians dead.

It wasn’t until the images were broadcast - only on Russian TV channels - that the Kiev regime admitted having bombed eastern Ukraine in what is clearly a punitive military operation against regions whose populations are now demanding the federalization of the country.

The OSCE mission in Ukraine has confirmed that the incident involving the administrative building in Lugansk was indeed an airstrike.

Although Kiev finally recognized having carried out air attacks against the city of Lugansk, it pins the responsibility for the civilian deaths on the pro-federalist self-defense groups. This thesis has been picked up by the small numer of Western media that have deigned to even mention the events in Lugansk.

To this day, the Western media have "refrained" from broadcasting the images of the civilian victims killed at the Lugansk administrative headquarters, despite their being available on available on Russian television and on the internet.