While the 11 Member States of the London Group (formerly the "Friends of Syria") urged for the Syrian presidential election to be ignored and the Syrian National Coalition called for a boycott, slamming it as a "blood election", 73.42% of Syrians went to the polls.

To justify its stance, the Syrian National Coalition pretended to control 60% of the territory, a totally fanciful figure: Damascus-paid officials are present throughout the entire territory, with the exception of the border with Turkey and some small scattered pockets. In the same vein, the Coalition branded outgoing president Bashar al-Assad as a criminal against humanity, resorting to widespread torture and the massive bombing of his own people.

However, the early polls held for Syrians living abroad had generated mass demonstrations in Lebanon and Jordan, showing that not even refugees had left the country to "escape from the regime", but because of the abuses suffered at the hands of foreign mercenaries.

360 foreign media, from all counties, had been accredited to cover the event. The Syrian authorities have tried to scrupulously comply with the democratic rules both as regards the organization of the electoral campaign and the voting process. All the journalists were allowed to move freely within the country and witness the sincerity of the vote.

Official Results :
 Bashar al-Assad (Baasist/Alawite ): 10,319,723 votes or 88.7 % of the vote cast, representing 65 % of the voting age population;
 Hassan al-Nouri (Liberal/Sunni ): 500.279 votes or 4.3%;
 Maher el-Hajjar (Communist/Sunni): 372.301 votes or 3.2%.
 Blank and invalid votes: 3.8%

At the announcement of the voter participation rate, crowds in the big cities gathered to celebrate. Although the President of the Republic had asked citizens not to shoot in the air to express their joy, the cities nevertheless resounded with the sound of weapons and car horns. For Syrians, the claim of Western and Gulf states that the country is in the throes of a "revolution" and not in the grip of a foreign aggression is no longer tenable. Similarly, the pretense of the Syrian National Coalition to represent the Syrian people falls under its own weight.