Judge Raouf Abdul Rahman, who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death, was captured and killed by former members of the Presidential Guard who joined the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Originally from Halabja, Judge Abdul Rahman popularized the accusation that President Hussein had allegedly killed his own people with chemical weapons in 1988. Such disinformation was widely resorted to by the United States and Britain to justify the overthrow of President Hussein. [1] In fact, during the Iraq war against Iran, both sides made ​​use of chemical weapons. It was a sudden change in wind during a battle that diverted the Iranian gas towards Halabja, killing at least 5,000 people. [2]

This vengeance confirms that the remaining officers of the former presidential guard joined the jihadists to fight together against the al-Maliki government.

[1"Apparatus of Lies" issued by the White House, "Iraq’s massive destruction weapons" emanating from 10, Downing Street or the State of the Union Address delivered by George W. Bush on 28 January 2003.

[2A War Crime or an Act of War?”, by Stephen C. Pelletière, The New York Times, 31 January 2003.