Since the coup of February 22 - perpetrated with NATO’s assistance and support - the Kiev government and the legitimist populations of the East have been locked in a battle, which has already killed over a thousand civilians. Contrary reports by the Atlanticist media, a large-scale humanitarian disaster is unfolding before our eyes.

On 24 June 2014, Russia’s Ambassador before the UN Security Council, Vitaly Churkin, stated that:

"Upwards of 450,000 Ukrainian citizens have crossed the border and remain in Russia. The majority are living with friends and family, but in the border regions alone there are more than 220 temporary shelters, including tent cities. There are currently more than 19,000 people living in such accommodation, including more than 5,500 children. However, it is difficult for the central and southern districts to absorb such an influx, and new welcome centres are being established across Russia. Across the country, people are collecting humanitarian aid for the residents of south-east Ukraine.
I will not hide the fact that we are deeply disturbed that some of our colleagues on the Council who are so prone to play the humanitarian card when they find it politically expedient seem indifferent in this case.

The war will not stop unless Western states cease to support it.

For this reason, the France-based organisations Comité anti-impérialiste, Collectif France-Russie, Comité Valmy, éditions Démocrite, La voix de la Libye, Rassemblement pour la Syrie, and Réseau Voltaire are convening a:

"Demonstration in support of victims of war in Donbass"
Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 15h,
Place de la République, Paris


[1"Meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine”, Voltaire Network, 24 June 2014.