"Israel Defense Forces" (sic) announced the detention of several soldiers suspected of leaking figures of Israeli military losses during the onslaught against Gaza.

Measures have been taken to ensure that only official information comes out and the mobile phones of soldiers in several units have been confiscated.

Since the beginning of the offensive on July 8, Israel acknowledged the death of 32 soldiers on Palestinian territory and of two civilians inside Israel. However, the actual number of deaths among Israeli military is more likely to be 57.

Palestinians have recognized that 788 people were killed and 4,750 were wounded among their population.

Simultaneously, Israel continues to claim that its ’Iron Dome’ intercepts Palestinian missiles. This is patently false. Its defense system can only intercept short-range missiles, whereas both the Islamic Jihad and Hamas have a large stock of medium-range missiles provided by Iran.

Israel -the self-proclaimed "only democracy in the Middle East" (sic) - is one of the states with the highest military censorship in the world. The army currently has the ability to block the dissemination of any news whatsoever, on any type of media.