Retired U.S. General Thomas McInerney, a Fox News contributor, acknowledged that in Syria the United States backed a faction of the Free Syrian Army -supposedly "moderate" - which constitutes the Islamic State - now classified as as "extremist."

Thus far, the official narrative has been that the two groups were distinct and opposite. However, the publication of a photograph showing Senator McCain rubbing elbows with FSA commanding officers, including the self-proclaimed Caliph Ibrahim, as well as the release by the Syrian government to the UN Security Council of a letter from the FSA Chief of Staff arranging - at the behest of France and Turkey - for the distribution of weapons to Al-Qaeda, have put an end to this myth.

For General Thomas McInerney, the United States made ​​a big mistake by entrusting to an Al-Qaeda offshoot group the smuggling operation of Libyan arms to Syria, organized by Ambassador Chris Stevens. Since then, and despite the assassination of the Ambassador on September 11, 2012, the U.S. continues to support the "wrong types" in the Middle East.