14 people were killed in Turkey during protests in support of Syrian Kurds.

Since the start of the allied operation in Syria and Iraq ostensibly to fight against Daesh (the "Islamic State"), Turkey - a member of the International Coalition - not only did nothing to help the Syrian Kurds, but it closed its border thus preventing them from escaping and the Turkish PKK combatants from coming to their aid.

De facto, Turkey is helping Daesh to ethnically cleanse northern Syria of its Kurdish population.

Called by the PKK, a traditional ally of Syria, massive demonstrations took place on 7 October 2014 throughout Turkey. They were violently repressed.

Since December 2013, negotiations are underway between the Turkish state and the PKK to find a solution to the status of Turkish Kurds. The PKK announced that in the event of a massacre of Kurds in Kobane (in Arabic Ain al-Arab) at the hands of Daesh jihadists, there would be a shutdown of negotiations and the armed struggle would resume. Abdullah Öcalan, the PKK leader, has already called on his supporters to prepare for war.