The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq declared it had sent weapons to its Syrian brothers, besieged by the Islamic State in Kobane. The convoy was carrying small-arms ammunition and mortar shells. However, the head of the operation, Hamid Darbandi, would not reveal which way the aid was sent.

On October 14, the spokesman for the Kurds in Syria, Alan Othman, declared through Skype that to date the shipment had not arrived. The head of the Kobane Defense Council, Esmat Al-Sheikh, commented: "We have not received a single bullet."

In any event, Alan Othman added, the gift of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq was "purely symbolic" and could not be delivered because the Turkish government is opposed to it.

Ankara accuses the Syrian Kurds of supporting the "Bashar" regime and the Turkish PKK. Therefore, it refuses to allow the aid to go through. Protests are escalating in Turkey and the crackdown has already left 42 people dead.