In its issue of 7 November 2014, Newsweek published the testimony by a jihadist affiliated with the Islamic State [1]. It attests to an agreement allowing IS fighters to cross the border. It also discloses that the IS commanders speak Turkish and communicate continuously by radio with the Turkish authorities. Finally, it highlights the fact that the Turkish military help the IS to fight the Kurds.

In the same article, a PYG official affirms that Turkey’s support doesn’t end there; it also provides weapons to the Islamic State.

Voltaire Network revealed that:
 (1) from January to May, France and Turkey were fighting the Islamic State,
 (2) as from June, these two states have supported it together with the United States and Saudi Arabia. Hence, the weapons that were used by IS to enter Iraq were provided by Saudi Arabia and transported in June by a special train chartered by the MIT (Turkish Secret Service),
 (3) since September, Turkey is helping the IS to eliminate the Kurds in Syria.