Andrew Marshall, a brilliant strategist from the Rand Corporation, was named in 1973 by President Richard Nixon as Director of the Office of Net Assessment for the Department of Defence. During the next 42 years, he was confirmed at this post by every one of Nixon’s successors, making him the oldest employee of the Pentagon.

Throughout the following administrations, the Office of Net Assessment was considered to be the base for the disciples of the philosopher Leo Strauss. It served as the visible interface between the Federal State and the deep State.

Andrew Marshall, who played a central part in the elaboration of US doctrine and nuclear strategies, was the mentor of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and many other politicians.

Despite repeated attempts, no President, not even Bill Clinton, and no minister, not even Chuck Hagel, was able to close down the Office of Net Assessment. However, in 2013, its budget was reduced to 10 million dollars, and it was placed under reinforced authority.

Nicknamed « Master Yoda », by analogy with the character from Star Wars, Andrew Marshall retired, at age 92, during a ceremony in the presence of the Secretary of Defence, Chuck Hagel, on the 5th January 2015 (photo).

Pete Kimberley