The US daily McClatchy announced that the Kouachi brothers and Mohammed Mehra had been recruted by the explosives expert of Khorasan, a sub-group of Al-Qaïda.

Last year, the same newspaper had revealed the existence of French citizen David Drugeon (photo) and his rôle with al-Qaïda in Syria. It declared that the young man was a member of the French secret services. Then the Pentagon confirmed that they considered him a priority target. The French Minister for Defence firmly denied that Drugeon had ever worked for him.

On the 6th November 2014, Fox News announced that David Drugeon had been killed by a US drone in Sarmada (Syria). Fox reiterated its accusation that he had been working for the French secret services.

In an article from its correspondent in Iraq, Mitchell Prothero, McClatchy analyses the images and the videos of the killings at Charlie Hebdo. He concludes that the Kouachi brothers probably had combat experience, and had received at least military training. The newspaper renewed its accusation that David Drugeon belonged to the French secret services. It also hinted that the French secret services may share responsibility for the Mehra and Kouachi affairs.

This article was included in the Pentagon’s internal Press review, dated the 8th January.

Videos show Paris gunmen were calm as they executed police officer, fled scene”, Mitchell Prothero, McClatchy, January 7, 2015.

Pete Kimberley