A reader sent us this video. On the 20th November 2013, in other words, the day before the decision by the Ukrainian governement not to sign an agreement of association with the European Union - a decision which served as a trigger for the events of Maïdan (Independence Square) - a Ukrainian deputy, Oleg Tsarov, speaking from the podium before the Assembly, denounced the preparation of a civil war by the United States ambassador, Geoffrey R. Pyatt.

Mr. Tsarov, who was at that time an elected representative of the regional Party, is today one of the leaders of Novorossia. He had attempted to ban organisations which were falsely non-governmental, but were in fact charged by Washington to organise regime change in his country. He currently has a price on his head, awarded by one of the governors of the new power in Kiev [1].

Pete Kimberley

[1Ukraine: Ihor Kolomoisky offers $ 1 million to murder Oleg Tsarev”, Voltaire Network, 17 May 2014.