The Tax Wall Street Party has performed a vital public service by unmasking the very fishy Pablo Iglesias of the Spanish Podemos, who has been portraying himself as the Spanish equivalent of Syriza. Hear Gregory Edwards ask Iglesias whether he will back a 50% cut in the Greek debt, and whether he will do the same for Spain. Iglesias says he will not support Syriza on their most important demand. Iglesias thus appears far closer to Soros than he does to Syriza. Why is he still the General Secretary of Podemos?

The Maidan headquarters of the rioters was decorated with a photo of Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian Nazi leader and Quisling.
Photo: Nabak

Murderous attacks by the anti-Russian hooligans of Right Sector and related groups killed numerous police officers. In the night of Feb. 20 to 21, a deal for new elections and constitutional changes among Pres. Yanukovich and pro-NATO protest leaders Yatsenyuk, Klitschko, and Tyannybok was guaranteed by Foreign Ministers Steinmeyer of Germany, Fabius of France, and Sokorski of Poland, plus Putin’s representative Vladimir Lukin. When the fascist bosses of Maidan rejected the deal a few hours later and stormed the presidential palace as Yanukovich was forced to flee for his life, these NATO ministers immediately shifted their support to the putschists and their illegal and Russophobic new regime. This betrayal is the cause of the present crisis. (Wikipedia)

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