Since the Republican Party of National Sabotage took over the House of Representatives, the US government has been subjected to the full range of domestic anarchy, with crises of default, government shutdown, the Satan sandwich, the sequester, and the threatened shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security. The GOP’s stock in trade has been revealed as chaos and ungovernability, in line with their Austrian slogan of “Government doesn’t work — elect us and we’ll prove it!” The same methods have been employed by the Supreme Court RATS cabal under the ideological leadership of Scalia. Now, with the Senate under GOP control, these reactionary anarchists are pursuing international anarchy. They seek a paralysis of US diplomacy which, whatever its content, is the only alternative to a general war over Ukraine, Syria, Iran, or some other issue. The GOP is intent on provocations: first they invited the desperate adventurer Netanyahu (who threatened to attack Iran if the US declined to do so), and now they have followed that with their #47Traitors letter to the Iranian government, which promises to sabotage any peace deal.

If all peace deals are blocked by the GOP saboteurs, the chances of war are greatly increased. If all US executive agreements not passed by the senate are called into question (think of FDR’s emergency destroyers for bases deal with the UK is September 1940), then US foreign relations will be reduced to a chaos sure to be more dangerous than the current status quo. If there are forces in Iran opposed to a modus vivendi, these forces will surely be strengthened, again making war more likely. If the talks fail, the US will be blamed, but Americans should pass that blame on to the GOP scoundrels. Already we may be seeing the French warmonger foreign minister Fabius encouraged by the GOP in his own wrecking operation.

Despite the impression which Netanyahu and the Republicans are eager to convey, the current talks involve Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (Russia, China, Britain, France, US) plus Germany. These other powers should now retaliate against the GOP letter by exiting the US-imposed regime of economic sanctions, which they were very foolish to agree to in the first place.

The biggest GOP loser is the libertarian faker Rand Paul, who by signing on with the #47Traitors has dropped his mask of anti-interventionism, revealing the hideous visage of a warmonger. His former dupes are fleeing in droves from his stillborn presidential campaign.

The Cotton letter may help do for the GOP what the Hartford Convention of 1814 did for the Federalists: signal the beginning of their political collapse. During the War of 1812, certain New England Federalist Party oligarchs increasingly resented the loss of their UK trade, and began flirting with secessionism and a return to British rule. Although they never actually seceded, they assembled at the Hartford Convention in 1814-1815, and were thereafter marked as traitors. The Federalists nominated their last presidential candidate in 1816, and by the mid-1820s had virtually disappeared from the national scene. This contemporary cartoon shows several vacillating Federalists about to jump into the arms of the British King.

The sociopathic policies of the Republican Party underline the validity of the Tax Wall Street Party strategy, which is to first seek the extinction of the GOP as a national party, followed by the effort to split the Democrats into their latent pro-Wall Street and anti-Wall Street faction. Join us in this effort.

ARCH-TRAITOR TOM COTTON – The novice GOP senator from Arkansas has made his appalling debut by authoring the absurd and stupid letter of the #47Traitors. Cotton qualifies as a traitor and a felon for his violation of the Logan Act of 1799. His punishment should include being forced to find Iran on a map. His staff has suggested that they regarded the fateful letter as a joke. Cotton reminds us of Nietzsche’s blond beast in the Genealogy of Morals, for whom “murder, arson, rape, and torture” could be seen as fraternity pranks. Here nothing less than nuclear war is at stake.

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