On the 8th of May 2015, the Qatari television channel, Al-Jazeera, broadcast a debate intended to explain the necessity for all Sunnis to torture and massacre all Alawites.

An Internet poll of millions of TV spectators throughout the entire Arab world indicated that 96,20 % of them were in agreement with the genocide of Alawites.

Contrary to what was claimed in the broadcast :
 70 to 80 % of the Syrian Arab Army is composd of Sunnis,
 Since the beginning of the war, more than one third of the victims are members of the army or the security forces, less than two thirds are civilians,
 The Alawites, in proportion with their number, are the community which has been hit the hardest, among the civilians as well as the military.

Constituted in the 10th century, the Alawite religion is a branch of Shia Islam, and integrates earlier beliefs such as metempsychosis. The Alawites celebrate both Christian and Muslim feast days. Their principal characteristic is the affirmation of the superiority of faith over ritual.They rarely participate in collective prayers, and drink alcohol.

The Alawites live mainly in Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.

From the first day of the war in Syria, supposedly democratic demonstrators chanted the slogan : « Christians in Beyrout! Alawites in the tomb! »

Pete Kimberley