Human Rights Watch, a US association for the defence of Human Rights financed to the tune of 100 million dollars by the speculator George Soros, has multiplied its communiqués and reports accusing the Syrian Arab Army of using barrels of explosives against its own civilian population.

Questioned on this subjet, President Bachar el-Assad replied to the BBC and France2 that his army had no reason to use barrels of explosives when it disposes of classic bombs which are far more effective [1].

On the 9th of May 2015, Kenneth Roth, director of HRW, admitted that he had broadcast « in error » an image of Israeli destruction in Gaza, presenting it as a « proof » of the use of barrels of explosives by the Syrian Arab Army, as the Moon of Alabama had just revealed.

Mr. Roth then published a second photograph, of Alep this time, showing the ravages caused by the Syrian Arab Army. But O dear ! ... Moon of Alabama revealed that although this photograph was in fact taken by the AFP in Alep, it did not show the « rebel » zone (meaning the zone conquered by the Turks and held by jihadistes). In fact, it showed the destruction perpetrated by the « moderate rebels » (sic) in Hamadiyeh, the Christian quarter, still faithful to the Republic.

Kenneth Roth is a jurist who was the prosecutor for South New York. He was named by Aryeh Neier as assistant director of Human Rights Watch in 1987, and was nominated as General Director of the NGO in 1993, when George Soros charged Aryeh Neier with the direction of the Open Society Institute.

Pete Kimberley

[1Bashar al-Assad interview with France2”, by Bashar al-Assad, Voltaire Network, 21 April 2015.