The meeting of the 22 member states of the International anti-Daesh Coalition (+ the United Nations and the European Union), held on the 2nd June 2015 in Paris, was the occasion for a dramatic turn of events.

In order to sign the agreement that they had negociated with Iran, the United States had to commit to liberating the axis of communication between Damascus and Iran, which implies taking actual measures against Daesh, who currently occupy Palmyra [1].

The final declaration indicates in fact that the participants « … have confirmed their desire to preserve the unity and sovereignty of Syria, and call for a swift launching of a genuinely inclusive political process, under the auspices of the United Nations, with a view to activating the principles of the Geneva accord – including the creation, by mutual consent, of a transitory government body with full executive powers. They confirm that only a political transition will enable the establishment of the conditions necessary to overthrow the wave of extremism and radicalism caused by the abuses of the régime and to fight effectively against all the terrorist organisations in Syria, including Daesh. » [2]

In other words, the Coalition can coordinate with Syrian Aram Army, and France accepts, at last, the Geneva communiqué of the 30th June 2012 [3].

Indeed, France had suddenly posed as a prerequisite to any negotiation the departure of President el-Assad, whom it qualified as a « bloodthirsty dictator », thus provoking the resignation of the special representative of the General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Annan. For three years, France has been continually re-activating the war by supervising the transfer of jihadists to Syria.

Pete Kimberley

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