German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble this week seriously proposed to US Treasury Secretary Lew that US and EU should swap Greece for Puerto Rico, and was disappointed when Lew treated this offer as a sick joke. Schäuble has long been infamous for his cynical nihilism, but over the last several weeks he has been exhibiting the symptoms of a debilitating mental disorder. Schäuble needs to be removed from office and placed in a psychiatric clinic. Ms. Merkel should also be removed from office, if only for retaining an obvious madman as finance minister. The Tax Wall Street Party urges the German Bundestag to hold a constructive vote of no confidence for Merkel immediately. Merkel and Schäuble must be made to understand that their failed austerity policies are barbaric and intolerable. The EU Treaties of Rome, Maastricht, and Lisbon, whatever their obvious faults, are not a suicide pact. These treaties must be construed according to the dictates of epikeia, the classical Greek term for equity, fairness, and reasonableness. Austerity is cruel, stupid, and unreasonable.

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