On the 29th June 2015, the White House lifted the sanctions it had applied against Bahreïn after the repression of demonstrations in 2011.

The spokesman for the Department of State, John Kirby, indicated that, in his opinion, the situation was still not acceptable, but that it had improved - with, in particular, the liberation of Ibrahim Sharif Al-Sayed (General Secretary for Wa’ad, the secular left-wing nationalist party) [1].

On the ground, however, we note that the Chiite leaders are still in prison.

The White House’s decision is justified by the help given by Bahreïn to the campaign against the Islamic Emirate. It may be connected to the USA-Iran regional agreement which is to be signed very soon.

Pete Kimberley

[1Lifting Holds on Security Assistance to the Government of Bahrain”, Press Statement by John Kirby, Department of State, June 29th, 2015.