According to Bloomberg News, General John Allen, President Obama’s special envoy to the International anti-Daesh Coalition, has handed in his resignation and should be replaced within a month [1].

Bloomberg presents this news as an unpleasant surprise for President Obama in a period when the United Nations are considering a global action against terrorism.

In fact, General John Allen is opposed to any agreement with Iran or Russia. For the last year, he has done everything possible to support the Islamic Emirate, including organising numerous parachute deliveries of weapons. It has only been since the signing of the agreement between Washington and Teheran, on the 14th July 2015, that he has effectively undertaken actions against the terrorists.

The resignation of John Allen attests to the fact that President Obama is cleaning up his administration and pursuing his policy of alliance with Teheran and Moscow.

We have explained the conspiracies involving General David Petraeus, General John Allen, and their friends of the Center for a New American Security [2]. President Obama had attempted to get rid of them the day after his re-election in November 2012 [3]. He succeeded in causing the fall of the director of the CIA, and removing John Allen from the command of NATO, but had been obliged to keep it with him [4]. He temporarily renounced his project with Russia, and for the next three years concentrated on his diplomatic exchanges with Iran, leaving his adversaries to organise the resumption of the war in Syria and the coup d’état in Ukraine. In August 2014, John Allen seemed to have made amends, publishing an op-ed against Daesh [5]. He was then nominated to the head of the Coalition, and immediately resumed his work of sabotage [6]. In a final effort, after the signature of the agreement with Teheran, John Allen attempted to play Turkey against his own country [7], but failed to impose the creation of a no-fly zone which would have protected Daesh. An internal enquiry was then opened by the Pentagon in order to determine who was falsifying the Intelligence reports of CentCom and the Coalition [8]. Cornered, General Allen decided to hand in his resignation.

It should be noted that Allen’s departure will not be enough to close this inglorious chapter - Jeffrey Feltman remains in the number 2 spot at NATO [9].

Pete Kimberley

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