The colonisation of Northern Syria is an old Israeli project linked to the development of missile weaponry. It calls for the creation of an independent state in the north of the country in order to control Syria from behind, just as Israel had created the state of Southern Sudan in 2011, to control Egypt from behind.

This Israeli project was taken up again by France and gave rise, in 2011, to a secret treaty signed by Alain Juppé and Ahmet Davutoglu.

Turkey agreed that this new state would be governed by the Kurdish minority and that Ankara would be allowed to expel the PKK there, thus affirming Turkish supremacy in their own country.

In September 2013, the Pentagon published a new map of the division of the region designed by Robin Wright. This map included the creation of Daesh’s Islamic Emirate and the creation of a new « Kurdistan » in the Arab territories of Syria.

In mid-October 2015, in reaction to the Russian campaign against the jihadists, the CIA created the « Syrian Democratic Forces », presented as an alliance between the Syrian Kurds and the « rebels ». In actual fact, the SDF is simply a new label for the YPG (People’s Protection Units, the Kurdish forces who until then had been loyal to Damascus) with the addition of a few Arabs to act as a front.

The Syrian Kurds immediately decided to ’Kurdicise’ the territories in Northern Syria. They therefore began to occupy the houses of non-Kurds, and sent a threatening letter to local schools ordering them to fire their Arab teachers and replace them with Kurdish teachers in order to ensure exclusively Kurdish teaching.

The new teachers, imported from Iraq and Turkey, often transcribe their language in the Latin alphabet, which Syrian Arabs and Kurds are unable to read.

The Arabs, who have been in the majority in these territories for thousands of years, protested vigorously, as did the other minorities. In the space of two weeks, the movement spread, and many schools were forced to obey, except for those of the Assyrian Christian minority, who deployed their own militia to defend them.

Historically, only a small territory to the North-East of Syria is Kurdish. Unlike Turkey, the Syrian Arab Republic recognises the same rights for all its citizens, independent of their ethnic origins, their religion or their political affiliation. There is therefore no reason to create an independent Kurdistan in Syria. If this should occur, however, under the pressure of the United States and Israel, it would give dozens of other ethnic and religious groups the right to demand the recognition of the same human rights throughout the region.

If this were to happen, the creation of a « Kurdistan » within Arab territory would open a new conflict comparable to that in Palestine.

Declaration by the Christians of Al-Jazeera (Hassake) District

For over four years our country, Syria, is struggling with tragic events. War devastation and terrorism have caused all ethnic groups much suffering. But we, inhabitants of Al-Jazeera, have kept so precious nowadays ideals of peaceful coexistence between various communities of our province. Due to extraordinary situation and having safety in mind Local Self-Administration was created, together with number of dependent institutions. Some of its regulations, however, are not properly prepared nor thoroughly measured. This causes valid concerns among various ethnic and national groups. While it is happening official authorities are still performing its fiscal, administrative, legal and military duties.

Law on Emigrant Property

After careful consideration representatives of Christian communities in Qamishli agreed on following:
 Aforementioned Law on Emigrant Property is in violation of Human Rights Law, breaking fundamental Right to property
 Under no circumstances, nobody can labelled as "traitor" just for leaving their home.
 Efforts at creating "Institution for Emigrant Properties Redistribution and Management" is an attempt of expropriation real estate under a guise of helping those in need.
 These regulations create a dangerous precedence in Proprietorship Law in whole province of Al-Jazeera. Additionally this will cause substantial demographic changes centered at local Christians who will lose their homes. It’s worth mentioning that nearly 35% of all real estate in the area is owned by Christians. Expropriation of this properties will cause valid concerns amongst both those who fled and stayed, preventing the latter from ever coming back.
 It’s worth noting that stance, taken by many local Christians, of not selling nor appointing a proxy for their properties is fully supported by both state and international law. Any claims of this being illegal are false.

Taking all of the above into account we believe that such actions of "Local Administration" will cause ethnic cracks and turmoil. In order to avoid it and to convince authors to abandon these regulations we hereby announce ourselves as plaintiffs and prosecutors for any and all cases under both state and international tribunals and courts of law.

"Procedure on issuing permits and licenses, new permits and licenses fees and taxes" is redundant and illegal. Already existing permits and licenses are absolutely valid. They were issued in accordance with the law by official Syrian authorities and did not lose their legitimacy. Demand for their replacement and new fees, often exceeding their holders financial capabilities, is unacceptable.

"Conscription Law". Demanding military service by organization without state legitimization is preposterous.

Any interference into church private schools in Al-Jazeera province in unacceptable. These institutions are sanctioned by administrative and education authorities. Pressure on this institutions is viewed as an interference in education and upbringing of Christian children and adolescents.

We appeal into everybody’s sense of responsibility and ask for restraint when handling matters that could limit rights of both individuals and communities. Fundamental Human Rights have to be upheld in order for peace and safety to once again grace all of Syria. We are hoping for continuous, peaceful coexistence of all Al-Jazeera inhabitants, regardless of their faith, ethnicity, nationality and culture.

 Syriac Orthodox Church
 Armenian Apostolic Church
 Al-Jazeera and Euphrates Armenian Diocese
 Chaldean Syrian Church in Qamishli
 Assyrian Church of the East
 Assyrian Ancient Church of the East
 Syriac Catholic Church
 Syriac Orthodox Civil Peace Committee
 National Evangelical Church
 Assyrian Democratic Organization
 Aramean Free Party
 Assyrian Committee on Rural Agricultural Land
 Christian Civic Union
 Mother Syria Youth Association
 Youth Institute for National Reconciliation
 Center for Syrian Christian Youth

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