Mikheil Saakachvili and John McCain during their subversive activities in Georgia.

As announced on the 1st August 2015, the International Islamic Brigade was created by Turkey and Ukraine in order to destabilise Russia in Crimea [1].

Over the last three months, a base has been set up by Ukraine in Kherson, facing Crimea. Turkey has organised the transfer of several hundred Daesh combatants from Syria to Ukraine.

However, contrary to what we believed in August, the jihadists have not been transferred to Crimea, but to Donbass. The Cheikh Manour and Djokhar Doudaïev batallions, whose existence was revealed by the New York Times in July, and almost immediately disbanded, have now been reformed [2].

The members of the Georgian secret services, who had played a central rôle during the development of Daesh during the second half of 2014, and had set up a jihadist training camp in Georgia, were then deployed to Ukraine. It was these people who ensured the liaison between the two battle-grounds of Ukraine and the Near East.

Furthermore, on the 6th October 2015, the Public Prosecutor of Russia opened an investigation concerning a recording of a conversation between
 the Governor of Odessa (and absent ex-President of Georgia) Mikheil Saakachvili
 his ex-Minister of Defence in Georgia (who had also fled, despite the protection of France), David Kezerachvili, who, in 2008, had rented two Israeli military airports in order to attack Iran)
 Ukrainian Deputy Anton Gerashchenko
 and Ramzan Machelikashvili (cousin of Ruslan Machelikashvili, Georgian specialist in anti- aircraft technology, incorporated with Daesh).

According to this document, the jihadists had been instructed by Senator John McCain to organise with the CIA, from Ukraine, the destruction of a US plane in Syria and to attribute the operation to Russian forces, in order to create conflict between the two countries [3]. Of course, the operation was cancelled once the investigation was opened.

Pete Kimberley