The Kremlin has announced that during a meeting concerning the crash of the Russian Airbus 321, which occurred on the 31st October 2015 above the Sinaï desert, Alexandre Bortnikov, the head of the FSB, (Russian Federal Security Service), reported that his services had found traces of a foreign-made explosive [1].

The attack, since that is what it was, claimed 224 victims.

According to the specialists, the improvised device, with a force equivalent to 1 kilogram of TNT, exploded on board, after which the plane began to disintegrate. It was therefore indisputably a terrorist act.

« We are looking for the assassins everywhere, wherever they are hiding, » declared President Putin. Even if they hide in the most remote areas of the planet, we will find them, and we will punish them. »

« We will act in conformity with article 51 of the UN charter, which stipulates the right to legitimate defence. »

« The operations of our aero-spatial forces in Syria must not only be continued, but reinforced, in order to make criminals undestand that punishment will irrevocably come. »

« Anyone who attempts to help these criminals must understand that they will have to assume the responsability for such initiatives. »

The FSB announced a reward of 50 million dollars for any information about anyone implicated in this terrorist action [2].

Pete Kimberley