However( "Odnako" means "however"-a pun), Hello!

"When creating the IS , they used revenues from oil exported from Iraq to Turkey through Turkish-Azerbaijani company Palmali Shipping & agency JSC, owned by Turkish billionaire Mubariz Gurbanoglu. In February 2015 the UN Security Council passed a resolution banning trade with IS, whence the Turkish government set up its own company headed by the son of Erdogan, BMZ Limited. It exports oil both through pipelines and through the freight. The most of oil was destined for subsequent transportation by sea to Israel, where the fake documents about its origin were produced, and then it was re-exported back to the EU. The lesser part of oil directly goes from Turkey to Ukraine, where Poroshenko accepts it -no questions asked, "- wrote the French journalist and political analyst Thierry Meyssan.

"At the core of this war-profiteering lies the oil business with the Erdogan clan being the principal shareholder; and it is rather considerable- it consists of not only the son, daughter, but also the next of kin, brothers, friends, and many others. And the last campaign has, in fact, inflicted an enormous financial damage to the clan. Not to Turkey as a country proper, but directly to the clan Erdogan "- believes the veteran of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia Lev Korolkov.

Of course, the President of Turkey is a busy man and he does not know all "ins-and-outs" of his family business. He is also not aware of the huge robbery, perpetrated by Turkish side, of Syrian artefacts that are smuggled to antique shops in Europe. He does not know how the Turks dismantled thousands of enterprises in Syria and it all was transported to Turkey ... It makes no sense to analyse the Syrian issue without admitting the obvious.

That’s when Syria had a contract taken out on it: we know who ordered the murder of Syria, we know who funded it and the killing contract was picked up by Turkey. The so-called "refugee camps" had appeared in Turkey even before the refugees came. And the weapons and militants had flocked to Syria through Turkey before the civil war broke out, and that’s why the war has started. The same Meyssan has been writing and speaking about it for years now.

It was on the Turkish territory, according to Thierry Meyssan, NATO deployed headquarters of operations management. During the first war from February 2011 all the way up to the Geneva Conference in June 2012, NATO was facilitating the deployment of "Al-Qaeda" in Libya, through Turkey , for the formation of the Free Syrian Army. In two years, more than 200,000 mercenaries from all over the world have passed through Turkey to Syria to participate in Jihad. Turkish special services have developed a powerful system for the transfer of arms and money to sustain the war, which was paid for by Qatar and controlled by CIA ... In Turkey, Mr. Erdogan has created three training camps for "al-Qaeda": in Shanliurfa (on the Syrian border), Osmaniya (near the NATO military base in Incirlik) and in Karaman (near Istanbul) ... In May 2014 the Turkish Intelligence Services forwarded to ISIL ( aka DAESH, ISIS) Toyota pickup trucks and heavy weapons -all provided by Saudi Arabia. "Islamic State", which at that time was an organization of several hundred militants, in one month turned into a real army of tens of thousands of people and invaded Iraq.

The miraculous appearance of "Islamic caliphate" in Iraq - out of nowhere- within few days in June 2014 would have been impossible without the help of Turkish security.

"In the meantime, Turkey has started to send its special forces to Syria, and several commandos were captured by the Syrian army. However, they were able to organize in September 2013 an attack on the Christian town Ma’loula, which was of no strategic interest, but happened to be the most ancient Christian settlement. In addition, in March 2014, the Turkish troops entered the territory of Syria, accompanied by jihadists of "Al-Nusra Front" and "Army of Islam" and came to the Armenian town of Kassab with the aim of exterminating the inhabitants, whose ancestors escaped the genocide committed by the Ottoman Turks "- says Thierry Meyssan.

The report by David Phillips from the peace program of the Institute for Human Rights at Columbia University , which was based solely on the reports of major Western and Turkish media outlets, provided numerous evidence linking Turkey with ISIS (ISIL, DAESH). In particular, there was provided the confirmation of the prosecutor’s office of the Turkish city of Adan about the supply of weapons to terrorist groups , under the guise of humanitarian aid, by the undercover agents of Turkish intelligence Services. There was also presented the audio-recording, published by blogger Fuat Avni, in which Erdogan insisted on the participation of the Turkish army in the Syrian war, and demanded that the head of the Turkish intelligence Hakan Fidan provided an excuse to justify an attack on Syria. On the same feed entry Fidan says to senior Turkish officials, including the prime minister Davutoglu: "If necessary, I will send four men to Syria. I will make an excuse to go to war by launching eight rockets into Turkey. I will make it look like that they attacked the tomb of Sultan Suleiman." There are numerous testimonies of Turkey’s participation in the oil trade with ISIL , with reference to the "New York Times", Turkish television channels and Bundestag deputy from the party "green" Claudia Roth. It is argued that, for example, in Istanbul and Gaziantep there operate ISIL recruitment centres. For example, "Taqwa Haber", that is recruiting militants for ISIS in Germany and Turkey, has its registered office as the outstanding Fund "Ilim Yayma Vakfi" ,among the founders of which, there are Erdogan himself and Prime Minister Dovutoglu. Seymour Hersh claims in the "London Review of Books" that Turkey was involved in the use of sarin in Syria. Hersh quotes a former senior US intelligence officer: "We knew that inside the Turkish government there were those who believed that they could drive Assad into the wall by organising sarin attacks in Syria."

At the outbreak of Arab Spring , that had been provoked and ardently supported by the Americans, it was Erdogan himself who became their candidate for the role of leader of the Islamic world. A NATO Turkey was to become an exemplary model of the winning Islamic democracy, a backbone of which had been chosen by Erdogan to become his beloved "Muslim Brotherhood."

This mission fell to the country that had been well fertilised by Ottoman revanchism and this mission became Erdogan’s idee fixe. To achieve all that, Erdogan provoked a public break-up with Israel, his former chief ally, took an active part in the pogrom of Libyan Jamahiriya, its former second largest economic partner and actually organized the war against al-Assad, with whom he had had the most amicable relations.

We knew all of that all the way along but we stuck with it because of the"bigger picture" mutual interests. And Erdogan persevered. He kept on carefully separating "chaff from the wheat". There are reasons to believe that our mutual American partners ran out of patience first, for they, pardon the tautology, can not stand neither Erdogan nor Putin.

Russian President said: "We passed on in advance, in accordance with the agreement with the United States, all information on where our aircraft would be operating, which air corridors, where and when exactly. We believed that this was what the member of a coalition should do. Turkey is a member of the coalition, so we thought it should know that Russian air force was operating there".

That is the crux of it. We do not know whether Turkish F-16 had been guided by American "AWACS" satellites and radars. One thing is clear - Americans has framed Erdogan . And, as usual, denied it all. That’s why Erdogan is squirming and foaming. That is all. It’s done - the fragile Russian-Turkish alliance is broken. Erdogan has correctly calculated only one thing- the reaction of NATO chiefs - that they would not take the side of Putin against the country that has been the basis of NATO southern flank. He got all the rest wrong. As for us, we are in no hurry and our hands are now untied. It is worthwhile to listen to Fareed Zakaria, one of the ideologues of American policy in the Middle East:

"Putin does not lack self-control. I do not think he would go too far with the response. However, I also believe that he is a man who forgets nothing. I believe that in some way he is going to take revenge" - he says.

It is impossible to understand the story with Russian aircraft, and not only with the aircraft - all of Syrian game Erdogan has been playing can not be understood without taking into account the features of personality. Assad, who is not just well-acquainted with Erdogan - they were friends and their families used to go on holidays together - so he called Erdogan as a man who was extremely strong-willed, tough and infinitely stubborn. The final collapse of his Syrian adventure devastated him, and a financial blow to the pocket of his family completely has sent him insane. And you cannot build any kind of mutually beneficial relationship with a madman.

However, goodbye!

Deimantas Steponavicius
1tv (Russia)