However, Hello!

"I have already said that, like any other agreements of this kind that provide for arbitration of all disputes, it is drawn in English Law , and the cases of repayment go back for hearing at the Court in London. And over there, this kind of agreement is set in stone with such a crystal-clear precision, that any verdict of Court becomes a very easy one to predict. Therefore, there is no fooling around- debts have to be repaid. In my time, I was paying back credits, which were taken out earlier by the ruling "Orange power", for example. As much as I did not want to do it, I understood that, as it were, questions of succession , questions of one State’s confidence in another state, could not be simply ignored "- said the Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2010-2014 Mykola Azarov.

"I just want to say to our neighbour- aggressor-state: we are not going to pay three billion dollars back," - said the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

"The revolution, as an act of violent break with the past, repudiate all the obligations left by former rulers" - said a Bolshevik People’s Commissar Chicherin at the Genoa Conference. There is a slight nuance, though : a hundred years of the revolutionary process has undergone some drastic changes. For example, the Ukrainian "revolution of dignity" has turned into the one totally rejecting any dignity. And Euro-Bunny Yatsenyuk is by no means anyone even remotely like Chicherin.

Like revolution -like dignity, to paraphrase a well-known saying. And this flimsy parody of a man, God forgive me, decided to cheat us out of our money ?! There is a school of thought stating that the overseas curator Biden came to sort out his protege Yatsenyuk, whose rating fell below the plinth. However, Yatsenyuk is still clinging on, as you may notice.

From the cartoon "Have you seen a hare?":
 Hey, you! Did you see a hare?
 What hare?
 Oh-ho-ho-ho ...
 With ears?

Avigdor Eskin, an Israeli writer, has unearthed an interview given by Brodsky as long ago as in ’88, where the poet draws audience’s attention to the modest Democratic Senator Biden’s speech that was a blatant knock-off the British Labour man Neil Kinnock’s speech. By the way, this one was noticed not only by Brodsky alone. It created quite a stir in the American press.
"Senator Biden ... The worst ones are the words put into someone else’s mouth. Truth? The politician becomes, at best, an actor who reads someone else’s text," - said Brodsky.

"It was a good trip, during which I had the honour to speak in front of Supreme Rada ( Parliament in Ukraine). I hope they appreciated my frankness and the spirit of my words. It is a country that got a second chance to restore true democracy. For that, some young people have given their lives . A second chance. And, as I pointed out, there are two main threats: Russian aggression, and endemic corruption. And I try to help them to conquer both of them, "- said Vice President Joseph Biden.

From the cartoon "Have you seen a Hare?":
 Must be around somewhere here. I can smell them.

"The fragile pro-Western coalition is threatened with disintegration and a vote of no confidence in the parliament due to the numerous corruption scandals, - writes the Financial Times. - Concerns about the fate of his protege, Mr. Yatsenyuk, made the US Vice President Joe Biden to spend two days in the capital of Ukraine, where he called for unity and a more vigorous fight against corruption. "

From the cartoon "have you seen a Hare?":
 Over there! We will find, we will find it! It is not getting away!

Senator Biden delivered his part in private when he expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the actions of his guinea pig : slow pace of privatization of the energy and oil and gas infrastructure. This is ,by the way, all about the interests of Biden’s own offspring. Yatsenyuk was ordered to get it all done as pre-planned , never mind the ratings. This is not the first time that for the global tectonic processes are intertwined with ones private interests.

From the cartoon "Have you seen a Hare?":
 It also has kind of tiny tail.
 Tiny tail ?!
 Tiny tail!

So, endemic corruption has been kind of sorted out. It remains only to find the Russian aggression.

From the cartoon "Have you seen a Hare?":
Hare is strutting its stuff. Then it gets, gun first, into a hole in the ground and drags out a mole.
 Is that it?
 It is not.
 No, I am not!

"Has America a weakness regarding tyrants?" - Brodsky was asked in that interview. "I don’t know about the tyrants, but it is prone to fall for demagogues -for sure," - Brodsky answered.

American demagoguery makes a farce of it all: the revolution, the struggle against terrorism, the fight against corruption ... The only entity remaining immune to it was a set of US financial institutions, and the crucial instrument of it, of course, was the IMF - a tool of US world domination. IMF has been keeping debtor-countries in check by means of relying on its impeccable principles and procedures. Today, America sacrificed this instrument for the benefit of demagogues. Brodsky, as usually, was right.

However, goodbye!

Deimantas Steponavicius
1tv (Russia)