The recent speech by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the “Caliph” of the ISIS-Daesh entity is a catalogue of defeats and casualties concluding with a desperate call for more cannon fodder and other support from terrorist sympathizers. A determined international assault could wipe out ISIS in short order, but the political will has not materialized.

In the most recent Republican Presidential Debate, NSA/CIA admirer Carly Fiorina demanded the reinstatement of what she called the “Warrior Class” of generals, including David Petraeus, Michael T. Flynn, Stanley McChrystal, “Monster” Mattis, and Jack Keane. This group of disgruntled and insubordinate officers has been associated with constant demands that Obama escalate the war in Syria with a U.S.- sponsored no-fly zone, a safe zone for terrorists, and other measures. Strangely enough, a series of leaks from the Pentagon has now emerged alleging that this clique of warmongers actually represent the rational strategic thinkers when it comes to Syria, in sharp contrast to the hyper-bellicose Obama. These leaks should not be trusted.

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