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Bernie Needed to Win Big with Knockout Punch to Project Momentum into Southern and Western States, but Was Paralyzed by Hillary’s Passive-Aggressive Big Lie Strategy; Obama Is Indeed an Historical Failure; Hillary Has Diverged from President on Numerous Issues – So Why Was Bernie Not Briefed to Reply Featuring the No-Fly Zone in Syria, Which Obama Rejects and Which Highlights Hillary’s Warmongering?; Whatever Happened to Her Classified Emails, the Subpoena to the Clinton Foundation, the Goldman Sachs Speeches, Her Role in Forcing the Libyan War, and Iowa Vote Fraud?; Bernie Must Attack Her as Blatant Liar from the Outset; Syrian Peace Deal Shows Potential for Russian-US Condominium; Liberation of Aleppo Imminent; New Derivatives Crisis Brewing; Sewer Mouth Trump Not an Outsider but a Fascist Tool of Wall Street Banks – Not an Alpha Male but an Epsilon Minus Semi-Moron; Main Justice Finally Cracks Down on Bundy Gang, Arresting Patriarch of Seditious Mormon Clan; Need Zero Tolerance for Armed Fascist Militias in United States

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US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (shown in an archive photo) today announced a preliminary roadmap leading to a ceasefire in Syria in the next week. Whatever the flaws of this accord, it undoubtable shows the vast potential of the emerging Russian-US condominium for providing solutions to some of the most intractable problems on the international scene. Readers of this briefing will recall that just one week ago we outlined a Middle East lineup pitting the US and Russia against Britain, France, Israel and Turkey. This reality is on the front page of every newspaper in the world today. So, read this daily briefing and you will be one week ahead of the news as well!

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