However, Hello!

President Obama was subjected to media harassment for caving in to President Putin in the Syrian peace process.

"The US and its allies should not intimidate the rebels, forcing them to come to negotiate, but support their request - call for the Russian regime to stop the bombing of the Syrian people", - writes The Financial Times.

Foreign Policy anticipates the failure of the Geneva talks blaming the Obama administration for ostensibly ceding to Russia in the issue of the fate of President Assad, which was subsequently approved and sealed by the relevant UN Security Council resolution.

"Did the White House at least give a thought about how their decision would affect the process of Riyadh - Saudi Arabia’s attempts to unify the Syrian opposition around a common idea about the country’s future?" - the newspaper asks.

The idea of Riyadh about the country’s future is not difficult to fathom. More or less. In the nutshell, the idea was that the murderous hunt of al-Assad would rally in unison a gang of not-so-tolerant to each other butchers, following the example of Libya. And now Obama has sold them down the river to "damned Muscovites".

Three years ago we talked about the cleansing of his own administration Obama undertook after being re-elected to a second term. Then, after Mrs. Clinton was gone, few other main architects of US policy in the region followed her out. The ones who placed their bets on the Islamists and ready-bottled monarchies to "reformat" the Middle East - the higher ranks in the regional command of the United States, and most importantly - the former CIA director David Petraeus, who could justly be called "the Godfather " of ISIS.
Then the "Geneva-1" - the first attempt of the peace process in Syria - was a "sitting duck" for the takers and it was failed. Among the main reasons for that was the fact that the key player - Jeffrey Feltman, UN Deputy Secretary General for Political Affairs, had escaped the cull and today he is the official curator of the Syrian peace process.

Jeffrey Feltman, without a doubt, an expert on the region, in 2005, as US ambassador in Beirut, was directly in charge of issues related to the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Let us not forget that it was this murder and the subsequent attempt to blame Assad for it that started the most powerful anti-Syrian campaign, the end result of which was the current bloody war. The investigation was then entrusted to the German investigators directed by German political scientist Volker Perthes. Perthes had served Feltman, Rice and Merkel as a key adviser on the Middle East and he has always been an outspoken lobbyist of "Muslim Brotherhood".

On January 12th Jeffrey Feltman, who was responsible at the time for the Middle East within the US State Department, invited Perthes to lead the program "The next day," whose task was a total defeat of Syria and the preparation of the new regime. Hence, a coalition of dozens of Islamist groups was hastily cobbled -up. Following the appointment of Feltman as a key person responsible for UN policy, the plan "The next day" became a guiding document for the United Nations and Mr. Perthes became a key "peace negotiator".

From the movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring":
 Listen Holtof, I entrust to you the task of extreme secrecy and importance.
 "This will dig as deep as he is told" - thought Mueller -"..look at him-head- butting like a horse. He likes this game of ours, he is bathing in it. If allowed, he would get only God knows what up to...And good on him...!"

Monya, is a war going to taker place? No, my dear, there will be such a huge struggle for peace, that even one stone would not be left unturned.

However, good-bye!

Deimantas Steponavicius
1tv (Russia)