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The decision on the resumption of the Geneva talks on Syria means Putin’s victory , bemoans the American press. And Obama is to blame, for he messed it up.

"Russia’s intervention in Syria has significantly weakened the options of the United States" - writes New York Times.

"Putin’s Syrian victory" - leads the Wall Street Journal.

"Russia is not bogged down in the" quagmire ", as was predicted by Mr. Obama six months ago, after the start of the Russian military air campaign. Mr. Putin has strengthened Russia’s strategic position in the eastern Mediterranean through the hard but limited military intervention with minimal losses." - says the publication .

He forced the Arabs to start respecting him and that is why the Saudis and the Emirates retreated, the newspaper continues. We are talking about widely advertised Turks and Saudis ground operations in Syria, the rejection of which today can be regarded as a key point in the Syrian conflict.

Turkish Defence Minister Ismet Yilmaz refuted Syrian Foreign Ministry accusations that Turkey was in preparations to begin military intervention in Syria: "There is no intention to send troops into the SAR ( Syrian Arab Republic)".

Recall that Syrians accused Turkey of sending of 12 cars with machine guns into Syria.

The fact that Turkish special forces periodically works on Syria is not a secret any more. But the fact that Turkey is ready to abandon the planned full-scale military operation rings the truth. Suffice it to remember that, for example, the Turkish Air Force for some time does not make sorties in Syria. Artillery attacks on Kurds are ongoing, but Turkish side is afraid to use aviation. As they bear in mind what happened with the Russian Su-24.

Dmitry Medvedev: "Today I saw on the TV John Kerry said that " ...if Russia and Iran would not contribute to reconciliation, we with our Arab friends (I think it was an interview with some Arabic TV channel) will carry out a land operation...". Is he trying to put frighteners on us, allies, as it were,or what?"
In fact, Americans are putting frighteners ,first of all, on themselves and at the same time on their Turkish-Saudi allies.

As for the negotiations, "good", but fractious, opposition did not want to sit at the negotiating table, because it was supposedly bombed by Russia. Kerry and Obama lucidly explained to that opposition that, when and if they would sit down at the negotiating table, Russian bombing would stop.

"Now the main thing - to agree on the fact that negotiations have begun between all parties to the Syrian conflict, and decide on terrorist groups, because an endless debate has been ongoing on the subject: who is good and who is bad. In my opinion, everything is quite clear - everything else is, as they say, "the tricks of the Devil", - said Dmitry Medvedev.

That is it, then. Russia has found the perfect method of separating "good" opposition from the "bad" one. Bar ISIS (DAESH, ISIL) and "Dzhabhat-en-Nusra", the "good" ones are those who will cease fire and sit down at the negotiating table. And those who will not and carry on fighting, so those will be ones to die fighting. hence, by definition, they are "not good ones".

However, good-bye!

Deimantas Steponavicius
1tv (Russia)