On the 1st March 2016, the Tribunal in Washington DC condemned the Syrian Arab Republic to a fine of 347,622 million dollars for its supposed responsibility in the terrorist attacks perpetrated on the 9th November 2005 in Amman.

Syria, whose embassy in Washington is presently closed, was not represented during the audiences.

The attacks were perpetrated by Iraqi kamikazes linked to Al-Qaïda. Among their victims were the famous Syrian film director Moustapha Akkad (The Message, Lion of the Desert, Halloween…). Mossad had evacuated all Israeli citizens from the three targeted hotels in the hours before the attacks .

The prosecution lawyer, F.R. Jenkins, had already obtained a condemnation of Syria in 2013, to a fine of 25 billion dollars – the most important sentence ever pronounced by a US tribunal – for its supposed responsibility for the attacks in Rome and Vienna in 1985.

In that case also, the judgement was pronounced in abstentia.

Pete Kimberley