Historically, the neo-conservatives were a small group of US Trotskyites who were recruited by the CIA to fight against the Soviet Union. They joined the Republican Party and served under Presidents Reagan and Bush Senior.

However, they turned against Bush Senior when he failed to complete the destruction of Iraq at the end of «Desert Storm», and sided with the candidacy of Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Nonetheless, they rejected President Clinton when he wound down the war in Kosovo. While he was enmeshed in the Lewinsky scandal, they rejoined the Republican Party and prepared the candidacy of Bush Junior.

But the weather changes all the time ... the neo-conservatives have just published an open letter against the candidacy of Donald Trump [1]. By doing so, they are preparing their return to the Democratic Party, should the Democrats present the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

In this case, Donald Trump’s candidacy will have the advantage of clarifying the situation by officially closing ranks between the neo-conservatives and the liberal hawks and by confirming the leadership of Hillary Clinton over the «War Party».

Pete Kimberley

[1Open Letter on Donald Trump from GOP National Security Leaders”, Voltaire Network, 3 March 2016.