The deputy of the parliament of the Netherlands Pieter Omtzigt (CDA) reported that during the closed hearings concerning the investigation of Malaysian Boeing MH17 crash in Donbass, there was declared that only Ukraiane could had shot down the plane.

On January 22 this year in the parliament of the Netherlands there have taken place the closed hearings on investigation of the causes of MH17 crash. The Dutch deputies were addressed by the head of the special commission which is engaged in supervision of intelligence agencies and Defense Ministries, so-called CTIVD (the supervisor of secret services) Harm Brouwer.

This Dutch official told the deputies that, according to the investigation of the causes of MH17 crash, the passenger plane had been shot down from ”BUK” surface-to-air missile system. At the same time, according to investigation, as of July 17 when the plane was shot down, only the Ukrainian party had an efficient "BUK" system in Donbass.

The deputy Omtzigtt, being at the closed hearings in the parliament, published this information on the twitter account on the same day, on January 22. It is remarkable that this information wasn’t widely popularized.

The first who paid attention to this information was the Ukrainian political scientist, the director of the Center of the Euroasian researches Vladimir Kornilov. Besides this really sensational tweet,which for some reason remained unnoticed, Kornilov also gives a surprising illustration from the Dutch newspapers and the websites which publish pages from an official crash report of MH17.

The fact is that most of these pages were simply deleted. What kind of information was on these pages and why investigation was afraid to publish it, remains unclear.

As for the deputy Omtzigt, it is difficult to suspect him of support of Russia. In due time he actively supported release of Yulia Tymoshenko from prison. He demanded in the name of PACE to release Tymoshenko, and also one more arrested politician — Yury Lutsenko who directs now the faction of Poroshenko’s party in the Verkhovna Rada.

Regnum (Russia)