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Is Dutch referendum a cruel blow to the "European choice" of Ukraine? What was all the fighting for , then?

"The real purpose of the organizers of the referendum is clearly not an association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, but an attack on the unity of Europe, the attack on the spread of European values." - Said Pyotr Poroshenko.

From the film "Beware of the Car":
 He swung at the most sacred thing we have - the Constitution!

That’s who, it turns out, we have as a guarantor of European values. Poroshenko has really been focusing on values - European, American, and , preferably, in a very liquid form - money. By the way, in fact, for this - rather casually- US intelligence agencies sold Poroshenko "down the river" in their pre-selected leak of of so-called Panamanian documents. Pre-edited leak pretending to be a piece of investigative journalism.

From the film "Beware of the Car":
 The investigation brings to the attention of the court that fellow Semitsvetova has been implicated in a criminal case.
 There, will find yourself another one, an honest one!

In fact, the Dutch referendum has very little to do with Ukraine. To a greater extent it rather relates to the same liquid values that Europeans are ready to defend. Dutch referendum is the refusal of Europeans to share specific assets/values in exchange for some abstract ones.

"I have predicted all this seven or eight years ago, when I wrote that the European Union would not be able to survive its first crisis, as the European Union has been created mainly for the sharing of the riches. When in 2008 the prosperity ended, there was a question of how to distribute poverty, instead..", — Says the founder and CEO of Geopolitical Futures , the former owner of the political consulting agency Stratfor George Friedman.

Bear in mind that only the Netherlands held a referendum. In this case the Netherlands is the most prosperous, the most tolerant, the most , as it were, model-representative European country. Perfect indicator.

"The EU would be a wonderful idea if it were not realized in Europe and it could not work in Europe, as in Europe, as you know, there are Hungarians, and French and all that - but not a nation called Europe. I would say at the moment that the European Union already has been disintegrating because its key decisions are not fulfilled as no one feels obliged to follow them. I think the EU will not collapse, it will simply be ignored as the League of nations was at one time "-... George Friedman believes.

That is the real meaning of the Dutch referendum - not an insult to the Ukraine and its infantile fantasies, maybe a gentle prod. The real meaning is acknowledgement that there is no such country "Europe". Germany is real. So is France, Italy and even the Netherlands. But Europe does not exist and most likely never will.

However, good-bye!

Deimantas Steponavicius
1tv (Russia)