In a book that was due to appear on Monday in Quebec, Denis Morisset, a former member of the « Joint Task Force 2 », an elite unit of the Canadian military secret services, relates eight years of secret operations. The work, entitled, We Were Invincible, details actions in Rwanda, Bosnia and Afghanistan, but also (and this is a first), uncovers those in Peru and Colombia.

The book’s revelations include the assertion that Canada took action to prepare for an Anglo-Saxon attack on Afghanistan before the September 11 2001 attacks took place.

However the book will not appear. The author was arrested yesterday for having sexually solicited minors over the Internet and was imprisoned. As for his editor, JCL, it received a letter from the Canadian Minister of Defence informing it that the nature of this publication was such that it jeopardized national security. Ceding to pressure, it immediately withdrew the book from its catalogue.

Anoosha Boralessa