Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government has promised that there will be no attacks by Daesh in France against the Euro 2016 football cup.

The French government has in turn promised to implement the engagement signed in 2011 by its Minister for Foreign Affairs at that time, Alain Juppé, for the creation of a new state to the North of Syria to which Turkey can exile the Turkish Kurds.

This new about-face by France has been consumated by the dispatch of Special Forces and the construction of a military base in Kobanî (Syria). Currently, the foreign troops from CentCom are not fighting to liberate the population enslaved by Daesh, but to create this new state. The victims of the fighting to the North of Syria are not the members of Daesh, but the Assyrian populations, Arabs and Christians. And yet many members of the «Free Syrian Army», which was recreated for the needs of this operation, were fighting only two months ago under the flag of Al-Nusra (Al-Qaïda) or Daesh.

This operation is accompanied by a vast propaganda campaign aimed at promoting these lies:
 (1) Kurdish combatants are more efficient than the Arabs;
 (2) the Kurdish combatants are more egalitarian with women than the Christians;
 (3) the «Syrian Democratic Forces» may perhaps count many Kurds among their number, but are composed mostly of Arabs;
 (4) the «Syrian Democratic Forces» promote the democratic ideal;
 (5)the Kurdish members of the «Syrian Democratic Forces» are defending the interests of the Kurdish people in general.

In Aleppo, the Kurdish Forces of the YPG who are opposed to the «Syrian Democratic Forces» and the project for the expulsion of the Turkish Kurds, have just attacked the US Special Forces.

Pete Kimberley