Moshe Feiglin

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, playing second fiddle to the US Secretary of State, John Kerry whose “dynamic commitment” he appreciates, is looking to Jerusalem for a way “to put an end to the Gaza crisis”. But he seems to be unaware that someone has already found it. Indeed, Moshe Feiglin, the vice president of Knesset, has presented his plan for a “solution for Gaza” [1].

This is structured around seven phases:
 1) An ultimatum given to the “enemy population”, ordering them to abandon area where the Hamas fighters are, “and to move to Sinai not far from Gaza”.
 2) An attack, launched by the Israeli armed forces “through the whole of Gaza with the maximum force (and not a tiny fraction)”, striking all military and infrastructural targets “without any consideration for human shields and environmental damage”.
 3) At the same time as the attack, a siege to ensure that “nothing can enter or leave Gaza”.
 4) The defense, to “strike using maximum force and without consideration for human shields” any place from which an attack on Israel or its armed forces is initiated.
 5) The conquest, implemented by Israeli armed forced who, after having “softening” the objectives with their firepower, “will conquer the whole of Gaza, using all means necessary to minimize any damage to our soldiers, blind to any other consideration”.
 6) The elimination, implemented by Israeli armed forces that “they will wipe out all armed enemies in Gaza” and “the enemy population that has not committed wrongdoings and is distinct from armed terrorists will be treated in accordance with international law and will be permitted to leave Gaza”.
 7) The sovereignty of Gaza, “which will remain forever part of Israel and will be populated by Jews” contributing to “easing the housing crisis in Israel”. Arab inhabitants, most of which “according to opinion polls desire for to leave Gaza”, will be offered “generous help with international emigration”. However this [generosity] will only be granted to “those not involved in anti-Israeli activities”. The Arabs that will choose to remain in Gaza will receive a residence permit in Israel and, after a certain number of years, “those who have accepted the control, laws and life style of the Jewish State in their own land” will be able to become Israeli citizens.

This plan was not conceived by a fanatical lone wolf, but by a politician gathering increasing approval in Israel. Moshe Feiglin is the head of Manhigut Yehudit (the Jewish Leadership), the biggest faction within the Central Committee of Likud, part of the government. In the 2012 leadership elections, he ran against Netanyahu and obtained 23% of the votes. Thereafter he steadily rose with the result that in July he had added to his office as Vice President of Knesset, membership of the influential Commission of Foreign Affairs and Defense.

Examining the plan that Feiglin is actively promoting, both in Israel and abroad (notably in the United States and in Canada), we see that the current Israeli military operation against Gaza includes almost entirely the first four of the seven phases of Feiglin’s masterplan. In light of this, we understand that Israeli colonies were removed from Gaza in 2005 to allow the armed forces a free hand in the operation “Cast Lead” in 2008 – 2009. We understand that the current operation “Protective Edge” is not contingent but, like the others, an integral part of a specific plan (supported at least by a substantial part of Likud) to achieve permanent occupation and to colonize Gaza, expelling the Palestine population. It is surely Feiglin that already prepared the plan for “a solution in CisJordan”.

Anoosha Boralessa
Il Manifesto (Italy)

[1The Moshe Feiglin’s plan for a solution for Gaza”, by Moshe Feiglin, Voltaire Network, 15 July 2014.