However, Hello!

Sport, in a sense, is a sublimation of war. Therefore, at the time of the ancient Olympics the fighting used to cease. The current sports is sublimation of the "cold war." In this case, the fighting is not suspended, as there never was an actual war taking place. Everything that happens around the sport, the Olympic Games, doping, has no relation either to any sport, or to doping. Just what I have said above.

In the history of the ancient Olympic Games the most outrageous case was related to the Emperor Nero in year 67 AD. The emperor moved the games two years ahead, bribed judges and organized the disqualification of all of his strongest opponents. As the result he became the champion six times.

From the movie "Asterix and Obelix":
 Objection, demand, protest! I accuse the Gauls in the abuse of magic elixir !!!!
 Have you taken it yourself?
 What’s the difference? I didn’t win, anyway!

As for the doping: 50 year long progress in the sphere of sports could not be have been achieved without certain "medicinal factors." Thus, the success is largely determined by the level of sports medicine and influence of controlling this medicine institutions. There is reason to believe that we are lagging behind in both areas.

WADA - the current Anti-Doping Agency - was created in the ninety nine, when we, as a country we are now, did not exist. That is what it is-it was created without us, and as it turned out quite unexpectedly, against us.

The summit of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, decided not to suspend the entire Russian team from participation in the Olympic Games in Rio, but it upheld the disqualification of the Russian athletics federation and left the decision on the admission of individual athletes at the discretion of the relevant international federations.

We were allowed !!! They decided not to finish us off now, and promised to forgive us in the future, if we behave ourselves. This is very similar to the history of sanctions. In fact it is just a part of it. We are being strangulated "sectorally" - bit by bit, not in "once- and- for-all" manner. So that the incentives to change our mind would remain intact. Because the task is not to strangle us, but to hook us on. And because this story hides the fact that it is impossible to choke us out, and besides, even attempting it is dangerous to their health.

In fact, all this doping scandal is a revenge. Revenge because we could not be intimidated and subdued. They failed. This revenge is hysterical, silly and self-incriminating. We have already won. And to compete with them in fair play - fair play by their rules, according to which we have to lose- is rather silly, indeed.

However, good-bye!

Deimantas Steponavicius
1tv (Russia)