According to the Belgian Social-Christian MP, Georges Dallemagne (the former doctor close to the French Minister of Defence), soldiers on duty in front of the Bataclan at Paris, at the time of the Isis attacks on 13 November 2015, did not intervene.

Interviewed by RTL Belgique, the politician declared:
“We know that the police did not intervene even though they were at the scene. We know that the Sentinelle Force, that had six armed soldiers in front of the Bataclan did not intervene when the carnage occurred at the Bataclan” (…)
“They considered that they were under no duty to intervene, because no such duty was laid down in their rules of engagement. Their rules provided that they could only protect themselves. It is completely incredible, mind-blowing”.

The MP regretted a lack of common sense while the Belgian Minister confirmed that his men are under instruction to intervene in a similar case.

Anoosha Boralessa