A lively controversy has blown up concerning the briefing of the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, by the office of the Director of National Intelligence.
Contrary to tradition, Donald Trump spoke publicly about this meeting. He noted that judging by the body language of his interlocutors, he was able to conclude that they were not in the habit of being listened to very attentively by President Barack Obama.

Trump revealed of nothing of the contents of their talks. However, his remarks sparked a tempest in the Intelligence world, where there are questions about the political exploitation of the briefing.

Leaks from the office of the Director of National Intelligence have indicated that Donald Trump’s team, which was present at the meeting, seemed divided. The candidate’s military advisor, ex-Director of the DIA, Michael T. Flynn, apparently interrupted the briefing a number of times to ask questions. The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, allegedly touched his arm to signal him not to cause problems, then, when Flynn insisted, he apparently asked him to speak more quietly, before telling him to «Shut up!».

Michael T. Flynn has published an open letter from 88 retired Generals and Admirals, asking them to support Donald Trump [1].

Pete Kimberley

[1Open Letter From Military Leaders Supporting Donald Trump”, Voltaire Network, 9 September 2016.