On the morning of 12 June, the official Press agency for the Jordanian government, Petra, published on its Internet site a Press release which reproduced the exclusive declarations of Prince Mohammed ben Salman of Saudi Arabia. However, at the moment when the Institute for Gulf Affairs (representing the Saudi opposition in Washington) was taking the case under consideration [1], the Petra Agency declared that its site had been hacked, and that they were not the authors of the release. The public relations agency, the Podesta Group (created by ex-cabinet director for Bill Clinton, John Podesta, and today the director for Hillary’s campaign) then contacted the major US media to warn them about this «hoax». The Podesta Group is remunerated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the tune of 200,000 dollars per month.

According to the document in question, Prince Mohammed, son of King Salman, is said to have declared to the Petra Agency that his country, Saudi Arabia, systematically financed both Republican and Democratic parties during every US Presidential election.

Apart from that, the Prince is said to have declared that, despite the opposition of certain members of his family to a female candidacy, Saudi Arabia had paid 20% of Hillary Clinton’s electoral campaign.

Under US law, it is illegal to finance an electoral campaign with money from a foreign state.

Pete Kimberley

[1Hillary Clinton Campaign Funded by Saudi Government, Saudi Official”, Institute for Gulf Affairs, June 12th, 2016.